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American Values Religious Voices: 100 Days. 100 Letters. gathers the collective wisdom of 100 scholars who articulate and reaffirm core American values connected to our various faith communities. You can help us amplify these 100 voices and your own! Here’s how to take action:


Enhance your seder with the diverse perspectives and important insights from the American Values Religious Voices letter writing campaign. Our Seder Supplement compiles Passover related quotations that reflect on the biblical story of the Exodus and its relevance for us at this particular moment in our nation’s history. Download it HERE.


This beautiful “Prayer for Our Country” was compiled and adapted from American Values Religious Voices letters by Eboo Patel, Jean Pierre Ruiz, Andrea Weiss, Susan Garrett, Carmen Nanko-Fernández, Aristotle Papanikolaou, Katharine Rhodes Henderson and M. Craig Barnes. Please download it and share with your friends, family, and community.


Send an email today and encourage your representatives to read their daily letter from American Values Religious Voices. It only takes a few minutes. Your efforts will help us expand the impact of this important campaign. Thank you for your help!

Contact information for all U.S. Senators: click HERE.
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If you’re filling out the form on an official’s contact page, be sure to put “American Values Religious Voices” in the subject line and, if prompted, select a topic such as: Other, Ethics, Education or Government Affairs.

S A M P L E   M E S S A G E

Every morning, your Chief of Staff or Legislative Director receives an email addressed to you from American Values Religious Voices. Are you reading the letters? The “American Values Religious Voices: 100 Days. 100 Letters.” campaign (valuesandvoices.com) has brought together 100 scholars of religion from across the country to write letters to the President, the Vice President and members of the 115th Congress. For the first 100 days of the new administration, these letters articulate America’s core values that are connected to the collective wisdom of our diverse faith communities and their sacred texts. As a constituent and campaign follower, I encourage you to read the letters and think about how they might influence the decisions you make and the policies you promote as you serve the American people. Please share your support by responding directly to the campaign staff at info@valuesandvoices.com or by commenting on the campaign’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram profiles @ValuesandVoices.


Preach or teach about ideas and scriptural texts discussed in the letters.  Blog or post on social media about your responses to the opinions expressed. Write your own letters to your elected officials telling them about the issues you care about and how those issues relate to your faith tradition. Pick up the phone and call the White House, members of the House and Senate, or your state or local representatives when those issues are on the line. Donate time and money to organizations that reflect your values and are trying to make a difference in the world.


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Reach out to your professional organizations, personal connections, school, house of worship, volunteer associations, etc. and ask if they would be willing to publicize American Values Religious Voices. Write to us at info@valuesandvoices.com and provide a contact name and email for each organization so we can keep them updated on our campaign.

Contact local media outlets that might want to cover the campaign. Please point them to our website for information or pass along the contact information to us at info@valuesandvoices.com. We can take it from there.