100 days, 100 letters

a national campaign

American Values, Religious Voices: 100 Days, 100 Letters is a national, nonpartisan campaign created from the conviction that scholars who study and teach our diverse religious traditions have something important to say about our shared American values and pressing issues of our day.

For 100 days—from January 20 to April 29, 2021—we sent a letter a day to President Biden, Vice President Harris, and Members of the 117th Congress, just as we sent 100 letters to President Trump, Vice President Pence, and Members of the 115th Congress in 2017. The letters brought the voices of Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, and Sikh scholars to the ears and inboxes of our leaders in Washington and our followers across the country, providing hope and unity during a time of hardship and division and calling upon us to live up to our nation’s highest ideals. We hope you will read their letters.


141 authors

Individually, it is hard to feel that one can have an impact on events unfolding around us. Collectively, we have the potential to speak truthfully and powerfully to those making critical decisions about our nation’s future.